What are Conchos?

A Concho Definition

Conchos are decorative disks are generally made of metal that also have a utility at the same time as looking great. They are found on saddles, but also sometimes on hats or belts.

What Is The Purpose Of a Concho?

Conchos work together with their slits in order to tie together the saddle tree and skirts with the saddle strings. Usually, the concho is used with a leather rosette that is slightly larger. This sits behind the concho to make everything attached as snug as possible.

How Is A Concho Attached?

The saddle string is looped around the bars, in through the skirts, and then through the concho. From there, it is tied at the end using a slit-braid knot.

Final Notes

These days, higher quality saddles are built with the skirt anchored to the bar with the strings. Other saddles are just tied to a dee ring or fed from the outside of the saddle to the concho.

Most conchos are silver, since they are usually made of sterling silver. However, to save money, some saddle makers will use nickel or copper with silver plating.

Some will also have a decorative engraving to finish the look.

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