Stirrup Hobble Straps

A stirrup hobble strap is a narrow strip of leather that has a buckle on one end and a hole on the other. These are tightly installed on the bottom of the fender extensions of the saddle.

What Are Hobbles Used For?

There are a couple different things that these are used for:

  • To prevent the rider from getting their foot caught between the stirrup leathers and fender extensions.
  • To make the stirrups properly hang at the proper 90 degree angle to the fender. This help relive pressure on the rider’s knees and gives a much more comfortable ride.
  • It helps to make it easier for the rider to step into the stirrup.

Why You Should Always Use Hobble Straps

Sometimes, you may see riders that prefer not to install these on their saddles. In my opinion, this can be a safety issue and should always be used.

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