Silver Saddle Trim

Silver saddle trim will undoubtedly add some “bling” to your saddle if you want to glam it up. There are many different trim patterns and quality levels to choose from. The majority of today’s trim is mass-produced. Montana Silversmiths is the most well-known and best-known company on the market. Saddle trim is also handcrafted by some very skilled silversmiths.
Obviously, there is a huge price difference.

The trim on saddles can be installed at the time of purchase or added later. Silver trim on manufactured saddles is mostly found on show and competition models if you want to add a little bling to your ring look. The usage of silver in custom saddles is up to the buyer’s desire. Custom horn caps and nameplates are typical.

Sets and individual pieces of silver trim are available. Two corner plates for the back corners of the skirts, a cantle plate, a horn cap, and four large and two small conchos are included in the most basic set. Silver trim can be found on stirrups and tapadaros, fenders, swells, rigging plates, latigo holders, buckles, and breast plates on breast collars, among other things.
Any saddle section can benefit from some extra flash.

Keep in mind that silver trim adds weight to your saddle and requires additional maintenance.

Saddle pads and blankets with silver trim are also available. This is the most frequent trim for show gear. For keeping competition numbers in place, silver conchos and silver bars are available. Chicago screws or cufflink backs are used to secure the trim.

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