Saddle Seat Saver

The saddle seat saver (also known as a seat cushion, pad, or cover) is placed on the saddle’s seat to help relieve the rider’s tush. Seat savers will not turn an unpleasant seat into a comfortable one, despite the fact that they may provide some padding and may provide relief for some pressure spots. They can be a blessing for the casual rider who may never reach the point where riding does not bother their bottom, and many people swear by them.

Seat savers are also used by some people to safeguard their saddle seats. This reminds us of placing plastic on your furniture. What are you planning to do with it? A saddle seat is made to be utilized, not stored away like fine china.

Seat savers are mostly available in fleece and nylon. Some include gel inserts for further comfort. One-size-fits-all seat savers are attached to the saddle with one elastic strap that loops around the cantle and another that feeds up through the handhold and then hooks around the horn.

Fleece seat savers tend to condense and bunch up after a while, no longer giving the tush cush you were looking for. They will have to be replaced on a regular basis. The latest nylon gel varieties, such as our favorite, the Cashel Tush Cusion (available in normal and extended sizes), offer a significantly longer life. They are also a little more understated, which is crucial for retaining your cowboy image. Please, please, please avoid the multi-colored alternatives, regardless of style. This is not an accessory you want to draw attention to.

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