Saddle Rack

The saddle rack (also known as a saddle stand) is a useful equipment for storing and maintaining your saddle’s shape. Racks come in a wide range of styles to suit various purposes and scenarios. One of them will almost certainly work for you.

Wood, aluminum, and metal are the most common materials for racks. Free-standing and wall-mounted are the two fundamental types. Free-standing racks, such as the famous fold-able aluminum versions, can be light and portable. Wood racks or racks that hold many saddles are examples of hefty, stationary racks. When not in use, wall-mounted racks are normally made of metal or wood and include a hinge that allows them to fold down and out of the way. Single and multiple saddle wall-mounted racks are available. Horse trailer tack compartments have a variant of the wall-mounted rack.

There are a few recommendations to consider when selecting a rack to ensure that your saddle is properly supported. The stand or wall mount should be tall enough to prevent the stirrups from touching the ground and bending the fenders out of shape. Furthermore, the top should be wide enough to provide the saddle with the necessary support. The saddle may begin to curl and lose its shape if it is stored on a saddle rack that is too thin. The greatest racks will have a sculpted top that resembles the shoulders of a horse.

Make sure the skirts are not twisted and that all of the saddle strings and straps are hanging down while putting your saddle on a rack. Most saddle racks are functional and basic, but some are works of art in and of themselves. Many artisans create gorgeous wood saddle stands that are appropriate showcases for collector items or any beloved saddle.

Construct Your Own Saddle Stand

There are also many handy people who can construct their own racks. A basic wood rack is simple to construct. We have also seen more inventive platforms constructed from items you could already have in your barn, like our favorite, which was made from an oil drum.


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