Western Saddle Parts

The western saddle parts are an essential component of any saddle. They are made of fine leather and come in many different shapes and styles. They play many roles such as providing comfort, support, and protection for the lower back and buttocks.

Understanding the western saddle, you quickly realize the importance of the western saddle parts in the overall design of a saddle.

Every part of a saddle has a role to play, some play a more vital role than the others and these can include the rigging, tree, and seat.

If these three are correctly constructed and fitted together, then your chances of becoming a happy rider are greatly increased as you will be assured of a long lasting and comfortable ride each and every time.

Get one of these wrong and your chances of enjoying a comfortable ride are greatly diminished. The western horse saddle parts are not just there to make your ride more comfortable, they protect you from injury too.

We’ll clarify why the tree, seat, and rigging are most important in a western saddle.

We’ll explain the different styles of skirts, and more.

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Parts Of A Saddle Diagram

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List Of Specific Saddle Parts

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