The Saddle Jockeys

The saddle jockeys (also known as “housings”) are the components that cover the exposed saddle tree bars. On top of the skirts, jockeys are positioned. The front, back, and seat jockeys are the three types of jockeys.

saddle jockeysThe jockeys not only cover the bars, but also shield the rider’s legs from the horse’s sweat and rubbing against the rigging and stirrup leathers.

The jockeys on antique saddles were made up of three independent sections. The front and seat jockeys are now made out of the same leather as the seat. The rear jockeys are kept apart.

The jockeys on a well-designed saddle will follow the same curve as the skirts. The bottoms of the front and back jockeys should also be aligned.

Saddle strings, screws, and conchos are used to keep jockeys in place. The back jockeys are sewed together with a nameplate that can include the name of the saddle builder, the brand, or the owner’s name.

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