Saddle Horn Wrap

The saddle horn wrap, also known as a dally wrap, is an additional layer of material wrapped around the horn to protect it from the rigors of roping and to improve rope grip. A horn wrap is standard on most roping and ranch saddles.

Horn wraps are available in a range of leather and rubber materials, and the choice is largely personal. Mulehide (a rough-out gray-colored leather), rawhide, and heavy latigo are examples of leather horn wraps. Black inner tube rubber or white Dura-wrap rubber horn wraps are available. Many ropers make their own black inner tube rubber because it is the cheapest alternative. The white Dura-wrap has the advantage of not leaving black marks on your rope, unlike inner tube rubber.

Horn wraps will need to be replaced on a regular basis if they are used often. Wraps for this function are commonly sold in quantities of up to twelve wraps.

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