Saddle Gullets: What Are They And How To Measure

What Is A Saddle Gullet?

A saddle gullet is the tunnel or cutout under the fork and spans over the horse’s withers. The fork’s design in combination with the bar angle of the saddle tree determine the height and width of the gullet.

It is important to make sure that the gullet and withers have the correct amount of clearance between them:

  • Too short – the saddle will rub on the horse causing irritation.
  • Too wide – the saddle will sit too low on the horse’s shoulders.

How To Measure A Saddle Gullet

gulletIn the saddle industry, there are no standard for gullet measurements. This means that different saddle makers may have different measurements. It also depends on when a manufacturer takes ther measurements during the making of the saddle – some may measure before it is finished on a raw saddle tree.

The easiest way to measure a western saddle gullet is to use your fingers. A good measurement should allow between two and four fingers to slide in the area between the gullet and withers.

Saddle Gullet Sizes

  • Regular quarter horse bars – 5 3/4 inches
  • Semi-quarter horse bars – 6 inches
  • Full quarter horse bars – 6 1/4-6 1/2 inches
  • Extra-wide quarter horse bars – 6 3/4 -7 inches
  • Arabian bars – 6 1/4 – 6 3/4 inches

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