Saddle Fitting

Proper Saddle Fit For A Horse

Saddle fit has become a major topic recently. This is a good thing, because badly fitting saddles cause problems for both the horse and the rider. However, because of the growing emphasis on good saddle fit, many people are on the lookout for the “ideal” saddle for their horse.

There is no such thing as an exact fit saddle. As a horse’s exercise and nutrition levels change over time, and even year to year, their conformation varies. Buying a saddle to fit a horse perfectly at a certain time often leads to a saddle that fits poorly afterwards.

The good news is that a horse does not have to be saddled perfectly to be comfortable. Saddle fitting is not an exact science. Think about a working cowboy. Was he able to buy a new saddle for each horse?

He needed a high-quality, well-built saddle that was matched to his horses’ physical qualities. That is how a saddle should be fitted.

How To Fit A Saddle Correctly

You should be able to ride various horses of the same physical type using a good quality saddle and a range of saddle pads. A good saddle should comfortably clear a horse’s withers, allow for free shoulder mobility, be the right length and form for the horse’s back, and be well balanced to distribute weight evenly. That is the correct saddle fit. If you ride horses of various breeds or sizes, you will need to invest in many saddles.

Guidelines for getting the right saddle fit:

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