The Saddle Buddy Seat

The saddle buddy seat (also known as a rumble seat) is a child-carrying accessory that attaches to a saddle. It transforms your vehicle into a “two-seater saddle.” When you have a child who is not yet ready to ride alone, these are useful extras.

There are various distinct varieties on the market right now. The Abetta Buddy Seat is the most popular and our personal favorite. It is composed of sturdy nylon with adjustable stirrups and ample padding in the saddle fork and cantle. It can hold a youngster who weighs up to 50 pounds. It is incredibly comfortable, as one four-year-old little boy we know can attest.
More importantly, it effectively secures the youngster.

There are also models that resemble a typical saddle seat. Some of these have stirrups, while others don’t, affecting whether or not the seat is comfortable for a long ride. These variants are suitable for children who weigh up to 100 pounds. They are perhaps better suited to a little older youngster than the Abetta Buddy Seat because they do not provide as much protection.

Adjustable nylon straps buckle to the saddle and rigging rings secure the saddle buddy seats to the saddle. These seats function best on horses with a longer back and plenty of area for the seat.

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