Ranch Saddle

A ranch saddle is designed to be used in the field. These saddles are also known as “cowboy,” “buckaroo,” “old time,” and “all-around,” with subtle variances between each word. What they all have in common is that they are heavyweight, strong saddles that can be used for both cow labor and long rides. Comfort and functionality for a variety of agricultural tasks are their goals.

A ranch saddle has the following features:

  • For comfort and communication, a deep seat situated low on the horse is recommended.
  • Low swells to avoid interfering with the work.  Many are saddles with a slick fork (also called as A-Fork).
  • For dallying, a tall, thick horn with a horn wrap.
  • For proper riding and working position, fenders were hung immediately beneath the rider.
  • Both a front cinch and a flank cinch are used in double rigging.
  • Plate rigging is used to ensure an even pull on the horse and maximum strength.
  • Cantle height increased
  • There are several saddle strings for tying things to the saddle.
  • A lariat is held by a rope strap.
  • Added weight

With the increased interest in the buckaroo style of equipment and riding, the ranch saddle, particularly the slick fork-type with a Wade tree, has regained appeal. These robust saddles are available for purchase from both custom saddle makers and manufacturers. The ranch saddle is an excellent all-around saddle.

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