The Off Billet

2-Ply Off Billet

The off billet is a leather strap that anchors the rigging rings to the cinch on the right (off) side. it is similar to a latigo which can also be used, but the off billet is more common.

Off billets are usually made of leather but can also be found in synthetic material such as nylon webbing.  Most will have two layers, regardless of the materials used to make it to make it “2-ply,” “double-ply” or “doubled.”

It is usually 18 inches to two feet long and 1 ½ to 2 inches wide with holes to mate with the cinch tongue buckle.  It will only work if it has a buckle tongue to use with an off billet.

Half-Breed Off Billets

Half-Breed Billet

There are also more specialized versions of the off billet, called a half-breed off billet.  These are about 5 feet long so that it can be wrapped around the cinch and dee rings and fastened to the cinch buckle tongue. Half-breed off billets also provide extra strength and is most often used by riders, such as working cowboys, who will be doing strenuous work.

Since there is a lot of stress and/or wear on these, it is recommended to check them regularly and if they need to be replaced, do so immediately.

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