The Western Saddle Latigo

What Is A Latigo On A Saddle?

The latigo, or cinch tie strap, on a saddle is the leather strap that joins the cinch of the saddle to the rigging. The burgundy leather of the same name was traditionally used and actually was responsible for the name, latigo.

These saddle straps typically measure between 1 ½ to 2 inches in width. Latigo straps are most often used on western saddles and are made of quality leathers. The length of the latigo strap will depend on the size of the saddle and its intended use.

These days, latigos are mostly leather but there are other synthetic options such as nylon.

What Is Latigo Leather Used For?

The reason that a latifo exists on a saddle is to connect the left hand side’s cinch ring to the saddle’s latigo holder.

These can also replace an off billet on the right (off) side.

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