How Much Should I Spend On My First Saddle?

Before buying your first saddle, know how much you want to spend. Most shops have test saddles. Trying them out before buying them is the best way to determine whether the saddle is right for you and your riding style.

Some saddles are not suitable for everyone, and you might need to take a little time to find the right one. A test ride can be invaluable to ensure you get the right saddle for your riding style and budget.

New Vs. Used Saddles For Western Riding

Before shopping for a Western riding saddle, you need to decide what kind of riding you’ll be doing. Saddles are categorized by their intended use, materials used, and construction techniques.

You can choose different types of leather, tooling, cantle height, and horn styles, all of which will determine the riding saddle you purchase. New Western saddles typically have higher quality leather and construction, while used saddles are more affordable.

Purchasing a used saddle may be the most affordable option, but be wary of settling for a cheap one. While it can be tempting to save money, a cheap saddle will likely disappoint you and cause discomfort to your horse.

For a beginner, used saddles are a great way to get started. You can find many options online. While plenty of used western riding saddles are on the market, you can’t get vintage ones, as they break down with time.

An excellent way to find a good Western riding saddle is to check reviews online. Consumers can read reviews of the saddles from satisfied customers and make an informed decision. There are some significant differences between used and new saddles.

Saddles with great reviews and good ratings are a significant investment. There are many reasons to buy a used saddle, so start shopping today. You’ll be happy you made the decision!

Western riding saddles are made with several features. A good example is the shape. Some are designed for show riding, while others are made for endurance. Both types of saddles are made with different features to allow the rider maximum freedom of movement.

In addition to the style and color, consider the riding discipline before buying. Western riding saddles are available in many types and brands, including barrel racing saddles and cutting and reining saddles.

Other Horse Riding Equipment You’ll Need

There are some other items you will need in addition to the saddle itself that you should consider purchasing before purchasing your western riding saddles. Some of these items include:

Saddle Pad

The type of pad you purchase for your horse’s saddle is an important consideration. Foams with air channels do not absorb heat or cold. On the other hand, foams with small holes do.

Pads made of plastic or vinyl may add weight, but they do not perform as well as wool pads. They tend to compress over time and are not breathable. Listed below are the different types of pads for your horse’s saddle.

You need to consider the horse’s fit and conformation when shopping for a saddle pad. If the saddle doesn’t fit properly, it can cause sores or discomfort. Additional padding will not solve this problem; it will only temporarily fix it.

You should choose a material that can offer maximum compression protection while cooling your horse’s back. The material should be comfortable and breathable. You should also consider whether you want a soft or a firm pad.

The type of saddle you buy is essential, as the shape of your horse will change over time. You may need a saddle pad made for a high-withered horse, while a mutton-withered horse will require a saddle with a mutton-withered design.

However, you should remember that saddle pads are meant to protect the back and should not be used as a replacement for a saddle.

Saddle pad fit is the foundation of proper setup. Even the best-padded blanket won’t make a difference if the saddle doesn’t fit your horse’s back properly. Your horse’s sweat patterns should be uniform throughout the pad.

It might be the saddle itself or the saddle pad if they are uneven. If you’re not sure, consult a saddle fitter. Your saddle fitter will likely be able to recommend a new saddle pad and make some adjustments.

Other Horse Supplies

Among the most essential things you can buy for your horse is a saddle, but what about other items? These supplies range widely in cost. Some items are seasonal, and you may need to buy them in the off-season.

However, you can always purchase a block of salt and several pounds of supplemental minerals from a local tack shop. Here are some other things to consider. In addition to saddles and saddle pads, you may need other horse supplies such as rugs, feed, and supplements.


Before buying your first Western riding saddle, ensure you know how much you want to spend. Test rides can be invaluable to ensure you get the right saddle for your riding style and budget. When buying a Western riding saddle, you should consider leather quality, tooling design, and the type of cantle and horn you want.

New Western riding saddles typically cost 2 to 5 times more than Western saddles. A Western riding saddle may cost 70 to 200 less than a like-new Western saddle. Good luck! I hope you found these tips helpful! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!

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