Flex Tree Saddle

The flex tree saddle is a relatively new innovation that has quickly gained popularity among saddle manufacturers.

The fork and cantle of a flex saddle tree are made of wood or ralide (a extremely durable plastic), but the bars are made of a flexible substance. Some companies produce the bars entirely of plastic or rubber, while others use a combination of leather and synthetic materials.

The idea is to create a tree that moves with the horse and fits a larger variety of horses. A flex tree saddle’s construction and materials are usually intended to produce a light, close-contact saddle. Although this design makes for a good trail saddle, its lightweight construction limits its long-term durability.

Flex trees are offered on a variety of saddle types and manufacturers. A wide range of quality and cost is also available. They are not all created equal, and a flex tree does not always imply perfect fit. While we continue to believe that a high-quality, well-fitted solid wood tree is the ideal option, it all boils down to quality in the end. A high-quality flex tree is preferable to a poor-quality solid tree.

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