How To Determine Western Cinch Size

You will need to know certain cinch basics before you can figure out what size cinch your horse needs.

Cinches are measured in both length and width. The length is measured from one ring’s outside to the opposite ring’s outside. Between 26 and 36 inches, sizes are available in two-inch increments. 30″, 32″, and 34″ are the most frequent sizes.

How To Measure A Girth For A Horse

Width is measured in inches or by strand count on cord cinches. The number of strands can range from 14 to 31. A cinch might be “straight,” with a consistent width, or “Roper,” with a greater breadth in the center.

The middle strip of the cinch should be placed at the horse’s heart girth, and the cinch rings should be placed roughly 8 inches below the rigging plates. To avoid interfering with your horse’s movement or causing pain from rubbing on the rings, make sure your cinch rings are high enough to fall above his elbow.

Place the saddle on your horse when he is standing on level ground to determine the correct size. Tie a length of thread or baling twine to one of the rigging rings, loop it around the horse’s girth, and bring it up to the other. You can estimate your horse’s correct cinch size by measuring his length and subtracting 16 inches (rounding up to the nearest cinch size).

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