Western Saddle Cinch Connector Strap

The front and flank cinches are connected by the cinch connection strap (sometimes known as a cinch hobble). On double rigged saddles, this is a small but crucial piece of equipment.
The flank cinch can slip backwards into the horse’s flank without this piece, turning your well-mannered horse into a bucking bronc. This strap should never be disconnected from a flank cinch.

The flank cinch normally comes with a cinch connecting strap, although it can also be purchased independently. The strap is threaded through small rings on the front cinch and flank cinch, and it can be decorated with buckles, snaps, ties, or any combination of these. It must be short enough when linked to retain the flank cinch in the proper place.

This strap, like all other saddle straps, should be checked for wear and replaced as needed.

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