Endurance Saddle

long trip on a horse

The endurance saddle was created for competitions in which the horse and rider traverse 50 to 100 kilometres in a single day. To be competitive, a rider needs a saddle that is light in weight but strong enough to handle long distances over rough and steep terrain. This saddle is designed for tight touch with … Read more

Parade Saddle

horse in a parade

Parade saddles are made to be noticed. Many are now collector pieces, having been popular in the 1950s and 1960s. These huge saddles were created to maximize the amount of surface area accessible for decorating. With these flashy saddles, there is no such thing as “too much.” While some manufacturers made factory versions, the most … Read more

Roping Saddle

roping saddle

A roping saddle is made for heavy use and the rider’s maximum range of movement. A rider may easily chase, rope, and dally a cow to the horn in a well-designed roper. The saddle must have a very strong saddle tree and horn to withstand this stress. A roping saddle’s typical features include: For maximum … Read more

Trail Saddle

in the trail saddle

Because it is created primarily for enjoyment riding, the trail saddle is also known as a pleasure saddle. The basic goal is to be comfortable. Hours spent in the saddle on rough terrain can make you appreciate a saddle that is designed to reduce body wear. This saddle is substantially less weight than working saddles … Read more

Flex Tree Saddle

flex tree saddle

The flex tree saddle is a relatively new innovation that has quickly gained popularity among saddle manufacturers. The fork and cantle of a flex saddle tree are made of wood or ralide (a extremely durable plastic), but the bars are made of a flexible substance. Some companies produce the bars entirely of plastic or rubber, … Read more

Ranch Saddle

ranch saddle

A ranch saddle is designed to be used in the field. These saddles are also known as “cowboy,” “buckaroo,” “old time,” and “all-around,” with subtle variances between each word. What they all have in common is that they are heavyweight, strong saddles that can be used for both cow labor and long rides. Comfort and … Read more

Cutting Saddle

cutting saddle

Cutting saddles are used to separate a single cow, steer, or calf from a larger herd. Cutting is a finesse sport that necessitates the use of a finesse saddle. During sharp starts, stops, and turns, a cutter is designed to keep the rider balanced and out of the way of the horse. A cutter, contrary … Read more

Mule Saddle

mule saddles

A mule saddle is made to accommodate the conformation of a mule, a female horse’s foal (a mare), and a male donkey (a jack). Mules have a wide range of physical characteristics because the mare can be of any horse breed. Some mules have enough horse-like shape to ride in a typical western saddle. Many … Read more

Barrel Racing Saddles

barrel racing saddle

Speed is the goal of barrel racing saddles. They are the smallest and lightest sort of western saddle. The well-designed barrel saddle will keep the rider secure and allow for maximum mobility in tight corners and sprints. These saddles are appropriate for a range of event games in addition to barrel racing. Barrel Racing Saddle … Read more

Synthetic Saddle

synthetic saddle

What Is A Synthetic Saddle? A synthetic saddle is made up of man-made materials rather than conventional cowhide leather, and it can be partially or totally synthetic. The advantages of synthetic material in a seat include its smaller weight and lower price. Synthetic saddles come in a range of forms, including endurance, trail, and barrel, … Read more