How to Turn Stirrups

turn stirrups

Do you have sore knees after a long ride? Many riders develop knee pain as a result of struggling to keep their stirrup leathers and fenders rotated so that their stirrups hang in the proper direction. One of the most prevalent physical issues among western riders can be avoided by learning to turn your stirrups. … Read more

How To Unsaddle A Horse

unsaddle a horse

If you have mastered the art of saddling a horse, then unsaddling should be a breeze. The strategy is to just reverse the saddling procedure. If your horse will be standing for an extended period of time without being ridden or unsaddled, it is customary to loosen the front cinch slightly to allow your horse … Read more

How Much Should I Pay For a Saddle?

saddle pricing

This is a frequently asked question. The individual who asks is usually searching for confirmation that they do not have to spend a lot of money to have a good western saddle. These people frequently do not like my responses. What should you expect to pay for a good saddle? I am going to share … Read more

How To Determine Western Cinch Size

cinch size

You will need to know certain cinch basics before you can figure out what size cinch your horse needs. Cinches are measured in both length and width. The length is measured from one ring’s outside to the opposite ring’s outside. Between 26 and 36 inches, sizes are available in two-inch increments. 30″, 32″, and 34″ … Read more

How To Attach a Latigo to Your Saddle

latigo is attached

The latigo (also known as the cinch strap) is a saddle element that quickly wears out with constant use. Every time you ride, inspect it and replace it if it exhibits indications of wear. Latigos are quite inexpensive ($10-$25), far less expensive than having a wreck when riding due to a busted latigo. You will … Read more

How To Determine Correct Stirrup Length

stirrup length

While there are some limits, stirrup length ultimately comes down to personal opinion. Some riders like shorter stirrups, while others prefer longer ones. Stirrup length is also affected by the activity you are doing. If you are going on a lengthy trail ride, you will probably want stirrups that are a little longer. You will … Read more

Choosing a Western Saddle

choosing a saddle

Do you find the prospect of selecting a western saddle overwhelming? There are numerous styles to choose from, each with its own set of settings and features. While having options is beneficial, it can sometimes be daunting. How do you choose the correct saddle for you? The following information will assist you in making the … Read more

How To Tie A Western Cinch

tie a cinch

It can be difficult to figure out how to tie a western cinch if you are new to western tack. We will have you tacking up like a pro in no time with these simple, step-by-step instructions. To secure the saddle to the horse, western saddles use a cinch and a latigo (or cinch strap). … Read more

How To Saddle A Horse

saddle a horse

Your saddling technique will have a big impact on how your horse reacts to being saddled and ridden. Approach your horse with tenderness and good technique if you want a cooperative partner. Here are precise, step-by-step directions with images for saddling your horse in such a way that he will not flee in the opposite … Read more

How To Mount A Horse

mounting a horse

When you are getting started in riding horses, one of the top techniques to master is properly mounting a horse. A good mounting technique is just the first step in building the right relationship with your horse. Why Is A Proper Mounting Technique Important? There are a number of reasons why you need to develop … Read more