Why Are Western Saddles So Heavy?

western saddle heavy

You may be asking yourself, Why Are Western Saddles So Heavy? and you might want to know how this weight affects your horse. We will look at the weight of different types of saddles, the effects of a western saddle, and whether horse saddle pads help disperse the weight. Let’s start by understanding how much … Read more

Is A Western Saddle More Comfortable For The Horse?

comfortable western saddle

If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of a western saddle, here’s some information you should know. First, you need to know if this type of saddle hurts the horse. Also, you must decide whether the leather is better for the saddle or synthetic materials. It would help if you also determined how comfortable the … Read more

Saddle Fit: Fitting the Horse

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The purpose of proper saddle fitting is to find a saddle that is comfortable for the horse and the rider. But which of the two is more important? Fitting the horse, without a doubt. Let us look at how to fit your horse to the correct saddle. Physical characteristics that influence saddle fit include: The … Read more

How To Fit A Western Saddle To A Rider

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A properly fitted saddle will not only fit your horse and make riding more pleasant for you, but it will also put you in the appropriate riding position. This can drastically improve your riding technique and ability to achieve your riding objectives. Have you ever struggled to pull your legs under your center of gravity … Read more

Saddle Weight

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How Much Does A Horse Saddle Weigh? The most prevalent complaint about western saddles is their weight. Working saddles can weigh up to 60 pounds, whereas the normal western saddle weighs around 30 pounds. Quite the contrast to the light English saddles. Lighter western saddles, particularly those made of synthetic materials, have becoming increasingly popular. … Read more

Saddle Fitting

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Proper Saddle Fit For A Horse Saddle fit has become a major topic recently. This is a good thing, because badly fitting saddles cause problems for both the horse and the rider. However, because of the growing emphasis on good saddle fit, many people are on the lookout for the “ideal” saddle for their horse. … Read more