Western Saddle Pads

western saddle pad

Saddle pads are almost too vital to be referred to as an afterthought. Pads work in tandem with the saddle to provide a comfortable ride for the horse and rider. The saddle pad’s function is to: Reduce the amount of weight on the horse’s back. Remove water and let the back to cool. Prevent slippage … Read more

Saddle Crupper

saddle crupper

What Is A Saddle Crupper? The crupper is a strap that goes under the horse’s tail and attaches to the back of the saddle. Its purpose is to help keep the saddle from slipping forward. This is not a very common western saddle accessory but is used in areas of very steep terrain and in … Read more

The Saddle Buddy Seat

saddle buddy seat

The saddle buddy seat (also known as a rumble seat) is a child-carrying accessory that attaches to a saddle. It transforms your vehicle into a “two-seater saddle.” When you have a child who is not yet ready to ride alone, these are useful extras. There are various distinct varieties on the market right now. The … Read more

Saddle Bucking Rolls

bucking rolls

What Are Bucking Rolls On A Saddle  Bucking rolls are two padded pouches that are inserted to the front of the saddle seat to help a rider stay in the saddle by supplementing the swells. They’re meant to be worn with slick fork saddles that have narrow swells. Bucking rolls are typically made of leather, … Read more

What are Conchos?


A Concho Definition Conchos are decorative disks are generally made of metal that also have a utility at the same time as looking great. They are found on saddles, but also sometimes on hats or belts. What Is The Purpose Of a Concho? Conchos work together with their slits in order to tie together the … Read more