Saddle Flag Carrier


When riding in parades or other performances, a saddle flag carrier is meant to hold the bottom of a flag pole and carry the majority of the weight. To keep the flag balanced, the rider then holds higher up on the pole. To withstand the weight and wear, the carrier is usually made of thick … Read more

Saddle Nightlatch


The nightlatch, also known as a safety or security strap, is a thin strap that wraps around the front of the saddle’s fork. A nightlatch provides a secure grasp for the unpredictable nature of horseback riding. Because its original purpose was to provide a hold for a rider who would sleep on a night ride … Read more



Tapaderos (also known as taps) are front-of-the-stirrup covers or hoods. Taps arose from the Mexican culture and served a very practical purpose. They would do: Protect the boots from being scraped or tangled in dense brush and mesquite, which can be extremely damaging. Warm up the feet. Liners made of fleece or lambs wool are … Read more

Saddle Seat Saver

saddle seat cover

The saddle seat saver (also known as a seat cushion, pad, or cover) is placed on the saddle’s seat to help relieve the rider’s tush. Seat savers will not turn an unpleasant seat into a comfortable one, despite the fact that they may provide some padding and may provide relief for some pressure spots. They … Read more

Saddle Horn Wrap

wrapped saddle horn

The saddle horn wrap, also known as a dally wrap, is an additional layer of material wrapped around the horn to protect it from the rigors of roping and to improve rope grip. A horn wrap is standard on most roping and ranch saddles. Horn wraps are available in a range of leather and rubber … Read more

Silver Saddle Trim

saddle silver trim

Silver saddle trim will undoubtedly add some “bling” to your saddle if you want to glam it up. There are many different trim patterns and quality levels to choose from. The majority of today’s trim is mass-produced. Montana Silversmiths is the most well-known and best-known company on the market. Saddle trim is also handcrafted by … Read more

Horse Breast Collar

horse breast collar

The breast collar is a set of straps that wrap around the horse’s front and connect to the saddle. Its job is to keep the saddle from rolling backwards. Collars are essential for events like roping and speed competition that require climbing steep terrain and quick starts. A breast collar will also allow you to … Read more

Bareback Pad

bareback horse

A bareback pad (also known as a bareback saddle or bareback saddle pad) is a middle ground between riding barefoot and riding with a saddle. It provides a surface that provides a little more grip and weight distribution than riding barefoot. A bareback pad, on the other hand, offers very little support and stability. A … Read more



Saddlebags have existed since the dawn of time. Carrying gear has always been necessary, especially when horses was the primary mode of transportation. There are hundreds of options for on-saddle carrying gear today. You will find cantle bags, horn bags, bottle holders, gun holsters and scabbards, hoof pick holders, hobble holders, pliers and wire cutter … Read more

Saddle Rack

saddle racks

The saddle rack (also known as a saddle stand) is a useful equipment for storing and maintaining your saddle’s shape. Racks come in a wide range of styles to suit various purposes and scenarios. One of them will almost certainly work for you. Wood, aluminum, and metal are the most common materials for racks. Free-standing … Read more