Saddle Bucking Rolls

bucking rolls

What Are Bucking Rolls On A Saddle¬† Bucking rolls are two padded pouches that are inserted to the front of the saddle seat to help a rider stay in the saddle by supplementing the swells. They’re meant to be worn with slick fork saddles that have narrow swells. Bucking rolls are typically made of leather, … Read more

The Off Billet

off billets

The off billet is a leather strap that anchors the rigging rings to the cinch on the right (off) side. it is similar to a latigo which can also be used, but the off billet is more common. Off billets are usually made of leather but can also be found in synthetic material such as … Read more

The Saddle Horn

saddle horn

A saddle horn is a protruding “horn” that is mounted on the saddle tree on the top of the fork. It is made up of the cap (head), neck and points. A saddle horn is probably one of the most recognizable parts of a saddle. One of the main reasons why western saddles have horns … Read more

How To Mount A Horse

mounting a horse

When you are getting started in riding horses, one of the top techniques to master is properly mounting a horse. A good mounting technique is just the first step in building the right relationship with your horse. Why Is A Proper Mounting Technique Important? There are a number of reasons why you need to develop … Read more

Australian Saddle

Australian Saddle

What Is An Australian Saddle? An Australian saddle is a cross between a western saddle and English saddle. Basically, Australian saddles are a modified version of an English saddle used for hunting in order to meet Australian needs in the cattle business. What they ended up with was an English saddle with additional western saddle … Read more

Stirrup Hobble Straps

stirrup hobble

A stirrup hobble strap is a narrow strip of leather that has a buckle on one end and a hole on the other. These are tightly installed on the bottom of the fender extensions of the saddle. What Are Hobbles Used For? There are a couple different things that these are used for: To prevent … Read more

What are Conchos?


A Concho Definition Conchos are decorative disks are generally made of metal that also have a utility at the same time as looking great. They are found on saddles, but also sometimes on hats or belts. What Is The Purpose Of a Concho? Conchos work together with their slits in order to tie together the … Read more

Wade Tree Saddle

wade tree saddle

What Is A Wade Tree Saddle? A wade tree saddle is a specifically built work saddle that has a slick fork buckaroo style. If you are looking for comfort while working on handling livestock during long hours, this is what this saddle is designed for. The popularity of wade saddles stared in the Rocky Mountain … Read more