Barrel Racing Saddles

Speed is the goal of barrel racing saddles. They are the smallest and lightest sort of western saddle. The well-designed barrel saddle will keep the rider secure and allow for maximum mobility in tight corners and sprints. These saddles are appropriate for a range of event games in addition to barrel racing.

Barrel Racing Saddle Features

A barrel saddle’s typical features include:

  • A deep seat to keep the rider in place.
  • A thinner, higher saddle horn for the rider to hold during tight turns.
  • A taller saddle fork with large swells to keep the rider secure.
  • For added grip, rough out the seat, fenders, and side jockeys.
  • The cantle is rather high for security.
  • Fenders that swing freely, allowing the rider to keep her legs under her center of gravity.
  • Stirrups that are narrow to keep the foot in position.
  • Only the front cinch, no flank cinch.
  • Rigging in the skirt
  • Skirts are shorter. Square skirts have replaced round skirts as the most popular style.
  • Weight is usually less than 30 pounds.

Because women make up the majority of barrel racers, barrel saddles are frequently brightly colored and made of materials like ostrich leather.
It is all about the style.

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