Australian Saddle

What Is An Australian Saddle?

An Australian saddle is a cross between a western saddle and English saddle. Basically, Australian saddles are a modified version of an English saddle used for hunting in order to meet Australian needs in the cattle business.

What they ended up with was an English saddle with additional western saddle features.

They are sometimes also known as Aussie saddles or Australian Stock saddles.

Main Features Of An Australian Saddle

The common features found on an Australian saddle are:

  • Typically the weight of these saddles fall between an English saddle and western saddle.
  • Added security is created by the use of a girth (sometimes also called a cinch) and a surcingle.
  • Most do not have a horn, however recently we have been seeing some options that include horns.
  • Fenders found on western saddles are not used on Australian saddles. Instead, long flaps which are shorter than a fender are used.
  • A padded crescent-shaped piece attached below the pommel called poleys. These will help lock you legs in the correct position.
  • Deep level seat.
  • Sizing resembles English saddle sizing – approximately two inches more than a western saddle sizing.

Australian Saddles vs. Western Saddles

There are a number of differences between an Australian saddle and a western saddle:

  • An Australian saddle almost forces you to ride in the proper position and posture which gives an advantage over western saddles, especially for beginners.
  • Australian saddles are usually more secure on the horse and more comfortable for the rider.
  • Due to the flaps, Australian saddles can be harder to put on a horse than a western saddle.
  • While not always the case, Australian saddles are usually more expensive than western saddles.

Quick FAQ On Australian Saddles

What Are Australian Saddles Used For?

Some of the most common uses for these saddles are:

  • Endurance riding.
  • Riding trails.
  • Everyday use. Especially long rides where endurance is necessary on rough terrain.
  • Working with cattle on cattle ranches.
  • Working with young horses.
  • Competing in Australian campdrafting.

Are Aussie Saddles Good?

Yes! Australian saddles are good for beginner riders looking for a way to be more secure in the saddle. They provide a nice comfortable ride that you can endure for long riding times. You also get a more forward and higher riding position.

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