Arabian Saddle

An arabian saddle (also known as an arab saddle) is made expressly suit the Arabian breed’s distinctive conformation. Arab horses can be difficult to fit into a standard western saddle with quarter horse bars because of their short, broad backs and low, flat withers. While many Arabs perform well in classic western saddles, some may have issues with gullets that rub against the withers, as well as skirts and bars that are overly long and exert pressure on the loins, causing chafing. An arab saddle is a fantastic choice for these horses.

An arab saddle has the following characteristics:

  • A saddle tree with shorter, wider, and more curved arabian bars to follow the curvature of the arabian horse’s back.
  • Skirts with a maximum length of 27 inches and a circular shape to accommodate the shorter back
  • Gullet widths range from 6 1/4″ to 6 3/4″, however up to 7 1/2″ can be found.
  • To fit the flatter withers, the angle of the gullet will be flatter.
  • There are various styles available, including endurance, trail, and show saddle variants.

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