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Types of Saddles

There are many different types of saddles available today. Enough to make your head spin. Western saddles can be roughly categorized by prodcution technique, material, intended use, fork style, tree type, and breed.

Within each type there are many additional options and choices available including rigging position, cantle height, roughout or smooth leather, horn style, tooling and stamping, leather color, etc. You'll certainly find that you have plenty of choice when shopping for a western saddle. But first you need to decide what you're shopping for.

Click on each of the types below for descriptions and photos.

Saddles by Production Technique
Saddles by Material
Saddles by Fork Style
Saddles by Intended Use or Activity
Saddles by Saddle Tree Type
Saddles by Breed
Miscellaneous Saddle Types

If you're looking for a great place to shop for saddles online, look no further than the HorseSaddleShop.com They have an extensive inventory of new saddles in a wide variety of types and quality brands including Crates, Circle Y, Billy Cook, Tex Tan, Dakota, and Fabtron.

But what makes them really special is their terrific customer service. Just send them an email with what you're looking for and any questions you have and the knowledgeable folks at HorseSaddleShop will walk you through the whole process.

And our presentation of ebay listings (organized for horse people, by horse people) is also a great place to shop for western saddles and gear.


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