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Trophy Saddle

A trophy saddle is a specially decorated saddle awarded as a prize to the winner(s) of a wide variety of western riding competitions.

Trophy saddles are common in events from the smallest local amateur competitions to the top professional championships. Trophy events include barrel racing, roping, reining, cutting, ranch horse competitions, team penning, rodeo events, and just about any other event you can imagine.

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Typical features of a trophy saddle include:

  • Carving of the award details (i.e. 2006 NBRA Champion) onto the seat jockeys and fenders, with the design sometimes extending to the rear jockeys and skirts.
  • Additional surface decoration including silver, color dyes (seat, emblems, etc.), and additional carving. Trophy saddles are always on the flashy side, but can range from tastefully flashy to not so tastefully gaudy.
  • The saddle type will match the competition it's designed for. A barrel saddle for a barrel competition. A roping saddle for a roping competition.
  • The saddles are created prior to the event, so are not customized to the winner.

The quality of trophy saddles vary dramatically in relation to the prestige and level of the event. Some trophy saddles are just average quality manufactured models that have simply had customized carving added after assembly. Others are of the highest quality and are amazing works of art. Master saddle makers such as Don King of Sheridan, Wyoming, became well known for making exquisite trophy saddles. Most saddles fall in between and are good quality, handmade saddles.

Most professional competitors, and many amateurs, have a room full of trophy saddles. Some are put to use, others are given away or sold. The best are kept as collector's items. If you don't mind riding a saddle marked with the name of an event you didn't win, you can find great deals on trophy saddles on eBay.

Below are two beauties from Running P Saddlery in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

trophy saddle trophy saddle


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