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The Stirrup Hobble Straps

The stirrup hobble straps are narrow strips of leather with a buckle on one end and corresponding holes on the other end. They are placed around the bottom of the fender extensions and should be buckled tightly.

There are two purposes for the hobble straps:

  1. They hold together the fender extensions and the stirrup leathers so that the rider doesn’t catch his foot in between and get hung up.

  2. They help maintain the turn of the stirrup leathers. Stirrups should hang at a 90 degree angle to the fender so that the pressure is lessened on the rider’s knees and the foot can be easily slipped into the stirrup.

Some riders may lose the hobble straps or leave them off because they find them inconvenient when frequently changing stirrup lengths. Don’t make this mistake. These straps are an important safety feature and should always be in place when riding. Replacement straps are sold in pairs and are available from most saddle shops.

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