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How To Stop Saddle Squeak

Squeak. Squeak. Argh. Is there anything more annoying when you're out for a ride than saddle squeak? The good news is that there's a fast and easy way to stop the noise. And you'll end up smelling fresh as a baby to boot.

The fenders are almost always the culprit. The fenders attach to the saddle tree with leather straps. With your weight in the stirrups, the straps create friction against the jockeys and skirts and … well… they squeak.

The solution? Baby powder.

  1. Lie your saddle upside down on a soft surface that won't damage the saddle.

  2. Liberally sprinkle baby powder between the fenders and the jockeys [Photo 1] and between the fenders and the skirts [Photo 2]. Make sure you get the powder deep, up near the saddle tree.

    saddle squeak saddle squeak
    Photo 1
    Photo 2

  3. Turn the saddle over and shake out any excess powder. Wipe off any powder remaining on the surface of the saddle.

  4. Voila! The squeak is gone!

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