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Saddle Seat Saver

The saddle seat saver (also called a seat cushion, pad, or cover) is added to the seat of the saddle to, hopefully, provide some relief to the rider’s tush. While they definitely provide some cushioning and may provide relief for some pressure points, don’t expect seat savers to make an uncomfortable seat into a comfortable one. But for the casual rider who may never get to the point where riding doesn’t hurt their bottom, they can be a godsend and many people swear by them.

Some folks also use seat savers to protect their saddle seat. We find this a bit like putting plastic on your furniture. What are you saving it for? A saddle seat is designed to be used and not hidden away like the good china.

saddle seat saver

Seat savers are available mainly in fleece and nylon versions. Some have gel inserts to add more cushioning. Seat savers are one-size-fits all and attach to the saddle with one elastic strap that hooks around the cantle and one that feeds up through the handhold and then hooks around the horn.

saddle seat saver
After regular use, fleece seat savers often get compacted and bunch up, no longer providing the tush cush you were searching for. They’ll need to be replaced regularly. The new nylon gel versions, such as our favorite, the Cashel Tush Cushion(which comes in standard and long sizes), have a much longer life. They're also a bit more subtle, which is important for maintaining your cowboy credibility. Whichever style you choose, please, please avoid the multi-colored options. This isn't an accessory that you want to accent.

You'll find a selection of seat cushion, pads and savers in our Western Tack Shop.


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