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The Saddle Rope Strap

saddle rope strap

The saddle rope strap is a narrow strip of leather about 3/4 of an inch wide that is attached to the off (right) side of the saddle on the fork. Its purpose is to hold a lariat. A left-handed rider may have his strap on the near (left) side of the saddle.

Most straps are designed to be looped over the horn and will break if the rider gets entangled.

Rope straps are found mainly on roping and ranch saddles. While this is obviously a piece of gear designed for roping, it’s a handy tie strap to have on your saddle, whatever your activity.

Below is an illustration (courtesy of: "The Cowboy at Work" by Fay E. Ward) that demonstrates how a rope strap is attached:

western saddle rope strap


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