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Saddle Rack

The saddle rack (also called a saddle stand) is a handy tool for storing your saddle and will help maintain its proper shape. Racks come in many varieties to fit different needs and situations. One of them is bound to work for you.

saddle rack Racks are mainly made of wood, aluminum, or metal. There are two basic types: free-standing and wall-mounted. Free-standing racks can be lightweight and transportable like the popular foldable aluminum models. Or they can be quite heavy and stationary such as wood racks or racks that hold multiple saddles. Wall-mounted racks are usually metal or wood and can have a hinge that allows them to fold down and out of the way when not in use. Wall-mounted racks come in both single and multiple saddle versions. A version of the wall-mounted rack can be found in horse trailer tack compartments.

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saddle racksaddle rack When choosing a rack there are a few guidelines to follow to provide the most support for your saddle. The stand or wall mount should be tall enough so that the stirrups don't touch the ground which can cause the fenders to bend out of shape. In addition, the top should be wide enough to give the saddle the support it needs. If the saddle is stored on a saddle rack that is too thin the saddle may begin to curl and lose its shape. The best racks will have a contoured top that mimics the shape of a horse's shoulders.

saddle rack When placing your saddle on a rack, make sure the skirts aren't twisted and that all of the saddle strings and straps are hanging down.

Most saddle racks are utilitarian and quite plain, but some are works of art in their own right. There are many craftsmen who design and build wood saddle stands that are beautiful pieces of furniture and a worthy showcase for collector items or any favorite saddle.

Make Your Own Saddle Stand
There are also plenty of handy folks out there who can build their own racks. It’s not too hard to build a basic wood rack. We’ve also seen more creative stands that make use of some materials you might have around your barn, such as our favorite made from an oil drum.

saddle standIf you'd like to build your own stand, I've found a really great set of saddle stand plans that make it quite easy. The plans cost less than $10 and come with full color photos, complete assembly instructions and a cardboard template. You provide the wood and a few basic tools and you can have a stand that will hold 300lbs or more (depending on the wood) made in less than an hour. The photo to the left shows a stand built from these plans in pine.

Mark, of LilWoodHorse.com, created the plans and he can either email or snail mail them to you. Check out Mark's plans: Saddle Stand Plans

And if you're a bit more ambitious, here are do-it-yourself plans for building a complete tack locker: Tack Locker Plans


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