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To understand the western saddle, you need to understand the saddle parts that comprise the finished product. While every part has a role to play, the three most critical are the saddle tree, the seat, and the rigging. If these three are correctly designed and constructed then you'll have a solid saddle. Get one of these wrong and the saddle can never be "right."

Here you’ll find all of the parts and saddle terminology explained in detail. We’ll clarify why the tree, seat, and rigging are so important to determining the quality of the saddle. We’ll explain the different types of rigging and rigging positions. We’ll define the various fork shapes. We'll describe the different skirt styles. We’ll make sense of it all. Click on the part in the list below the western saddle diagram to learn more about its function and variations. Also check out the Top 10 Saddle Replacement Parts to learn which parts you really need to keep an eye on.

saddle parts

Saddle Parts


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