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Saddle Pad Carrier

A saddle pad carrier comes in handy for those who travel with their tack and is a nice companion to a saddle carrier. But even if you don't travel much, storing your pads in a carrier will keep them clean and dry in between use.

Saddle pad carriers are usually made from a waterproof nylon with web handles and shoulder strap. Most will have mesh at the ends and grommets to promote air flow for drying wet pads and preventing mildew.

You'll find a nice selection of Saddle Pad Carriers in our Tack Shop.

saddle pad carrierThere are two basic carrier styles - a single compartment model and a double compartment model. Each zippered compartment is designed to hold two heavy western pads, so the single model will hold two pads and the double will hold four pads. The double model has a split design which allows it to be set on a saddle rack or over a saddle.

saddle pad carrierLook for models where each compartment unzips all around for easy loading and unloading and that have an inside strap to secure the pads so they don't just end up clumping at the bottom of the carrier.



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