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The Saddle Jockeys

The saddle jockeys (also called “housings”) are the pieces that cover the exposed portions of the saddle tree bars. Jockeys are positioned on top of the skirts. There are three jockeys – the front, the back, and the seat jockey.

In addition to providing a covering for the bars, the jockeys also protect the rider’s legs from the horse’s sweat and from rubbing on the rigging and stirrup leathers.

saddle On old time saddles, the jockeys consisted of three separate pieces. Today, the front and seat jockeys are cut from the same piece of leather as the seat. The rear jockeys remain separate.

A well-designed saddle will have jockeys that follow the same contour as the skirts. Additionally, the bottoms of the front and back jockeys should line up.

Jockeys are held in place with either saddle strings or screws and conchos. The back jockeys are fastened together with lacing or sewn with a nameplate that can include the saddlemaker’s name, the brand, or the owner’s name.


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