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Saddle Horn Wrap

saddle horn wrap

The saddle horn wrap, also know as a dally wrap, is an extra layer of material wrapped around the horn to protect it from the rigors of roping and to provide a better grip for the rope. Most roping and ranch saddles will come with a horn wrap installed.

saddle horn wrap
Horn wraps come in a variety of leather and rubber materials and choice depends mainly on personal preference. Leather horn wraps include mulehide (a rough-out gray-colored leather), rawhide, and heavy latigo. Rubber horn wraps come in either black inner tube rubber or white Dura-wrap. Black inner tube rubber is the cheapest option with many ropers simply making their own. The white Dura-wrap has the advantage over inner tube rubber of not leaving black marks on your rope.

With heavy use, horn wraps will need to be replaced regularly. Wraps are usually sold in packages of up to twelve wraps for this purpose.

Click here to see how a saddle horn horn wrap is attached.


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