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Saddle Flag Carrier

saddle flag carrierA saddle flag carrier is designed to hold the bottom of a flag pole and carry most of the weight when riding in parades or other performances. The rider then holds higher up on the pole to keep the flag balanced.

The carrier is usually made of heavy skirting leather to stand up to the weight and wear. The leather carrier attaches to the stirrup with one or two straps with buckles as pictured in the photo below.

saddle flag carrierFlag c arriers vary in the pole size they're designed to carry, so make sure you know what size you need. Most will carry poles up to either a diameter of 1 1/8 inches or 1 1/4 inches.

It takes some practice to get the hang of riding with a flag for both you and your horse. You'll not only need some strength and coordination, but also the ability to control your horse with only one hand.

You'll find a selection of flag carriers in our Tack Store.


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