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Dear Western Rider,

Western saddles have a rich tradition as work tools, recreation equipment, and works of art. The one thing they've never been is simple. The options can be overwhelming and it's easy to get confused about exactly what you need. There's a lot to know to be a successful buyer and rider of western saddles.

We know! We've been there! We've stood there wishing we knew the right answer and guessing at the wrong one. We've bought and paid a steep price for saddles that didn't fit us, our horse, or our needs.

Now, thanks to our new Western Saddle Guide e-books, you'll have all the answers you need right at your fingertips, so that you can make the best choice with confidence. We've gathered our expert and indepth information in two convenient guides so that you don't suffer the same frustrations we did.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned horseman, you'll have all the information you need to understand, choose, and care for the western saddle that's right for you, such as:

  • Descriptions and photos of each of the western saddle types

  • A guide to which saddle is best for your needs

  • How to find a saddle that fits your horse

  • What the real story is on the saddle tree

  • Detailed descriptions and illustrations of every saddle part

  • An overview of saddle brands

  • What saddle accessories you should have

  • The pro's and cons of buying a new and used saddle

  • A complete explanation of the different rigging types

  • How to determine your correct seat size and stirrup length

    . . . and much more!
We make sense of it all in simple, down-to-earth terms, and we've made the answers available when you need them in the arena, the stable, or the saddle shop. You asked for our great website advice and info in an easy-to-use, offline e-book version you got it.

Western Saddle Guide, the source you trust for expert, tried-and-true advice, has taken the best of our website's help and explanations, packing it into two fantastic e-book guides you can print out and take anywhere.

Our two e-books cover everything from saddle parts to purchasing the best saddle for your needs. This isn't the superficial and fluffy information you'll find in many books about western saddles.

Saddle eBook Saddle eBook

Book one, "Western Saddle Sense: Your Guide To Parts, Accessories and Care"
We cover everything from saddle tree to saddle decoration, explaining what each part of the saddle is and why it's there. We lay out all the extras you can buy for your saddle to make it more comfortable, useful, fit your horse better, or look flashy. You'll be able to walk into any store and pick up exactly what you need or even give some advice to a friend about his or her saddle. Our e-book will make you an expert!

Book two, "Western Saddle Selection: Your Guide To Types, Fit and Purchase"

There are many different shapes and sizes of saddles, as well as different types for different activities and different horses. We'll help you find the saddle that fits your needs, body shape, height, and horse by covering everything you need to know about choosing a western saddle. We'll help you avoid some pretty common buying mistakes. Our advice will save you money and help you find a saddle you'll treasure, not regret.

Each e-book has 50 pages of information compiled in an easy-to-read format. Each chapter collects our best advice and instruction in a step-by-step format. The guides are full of beautiful color photos, illustrations, and diagrams so you can see at a glance how to apply the explanations we discuss in the books.

Helpful Resources for Novice and Experienced Horsemen

Our e-books are perfect for yourself, your stable, your ranch, or as a gift for a favorite horseman. They're great for young riders, horse lovers, and day camp activities. These guides are a must for anyone just starting out in western riding. We explain the hows, the whys and the whats everyone learning should know.

If you're a more advanced rider, our e-books are perfect for you as well. We've made sure every level of rider enjoys them. The guides offer the most comprehensive information on the net in offline format, with plenty of in-depth material for those who are pros.

And a Great Value to Boot!
These two e-books will save you from making the painfully expensive and frustrating saddle choice mistakes that are so common in western riding. You'll have straight answers and expert advice in a magazine-quality e-book for the low price of $17 each.

Want to save even more? For a limited time only, buy "Western Saddle Sense" and "Western Saddle Selection" as a set, and save $9! You'd pay $34 if you bought both books separately. Buy both together and pay only one low price of $25.

saddle ebook SPECIAL BONUS!
Just to make sure we set you on the right track, we'll include FREE our "Western Saddle How-Tos" guide as an added bonus when you purchase both Western Saddle Guide e-books together. That's an additional savings of $14! Our free guide covers topics such as, "How to Tie a Cinch," "How to Mount your Horse" (properly, that is!), and, "How to Unsaddle after a Ride." Bet you thought all you had to do was pull the saddle off, right?

Order today and get your set of Western Saddle Guides' e-books and our free "How To" guide a $48 value - for only $25. That's a savings of 48%!

saddle ebook
saddle ebook
saddle ebooksaddle ebooksaddle ebook
Western Saddle Sense
Western Saddle Selection
Western Saddle Sense, Western Saddle Selection, and Western Saddle How-Tos
All three ebooks for one low price of $25

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