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Saddle Cover

Saddle covers are a must for proper saddle care. It makes no sense to invest in a quality saddle and then let it sit unprotected and be bombarded with sun, moisture, dirt, animal droppings, and all varieties of crud.

saddle cover There are many nice saddle covers available commercially, but in pinch, a bed sheet that fully covers your saddle will do the trick, although it won’t protect from moisture. Or, if you're really caught without anything, throw some newspapers over it. Just get it covered.

The best material for covers is heavyweight nylon. It’s strong, breathable, and water repellent. You’ll find less expensive covers available in vinyl or plastic, but we’re not a fan of these. They can trap moisture and just don’t let the saddle breathe. The nylon covers are far superior, and, at around $20, won't break the bank.

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saddle cover Western saddle covers come in two basic varieties – ones that cover the entire saddle, including the fenders, and ones that just cover the top of the saddle. We recommend the full covers as they provide more protection.

The covers are one-size-fits all, but make sure that you choose a western version rather than the smaller English version. Covers vary in how specifically they’re formed to fit the saddle pieces, but with elastic around the edges and elastic straps, you’ll find them easy to put on.


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