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Saddle Carrier

saddle carrier

The saddle carrier is a handy accessory for those who travel a lot with their tack. If you're traveling with a horse trailer and have a tack compartment in it with a saddle rack, you're all set with just a saddle cover. But if your trailer doesn't have a saddle rack, or you're traveling without a trailer, then you should consider both a saddle carrier and a saddle pad carrier.

A saddle carrier completely encloses your saddle in a bag with a shoulder strap that's designed for carrying. Like saddle covers, you need to make sure you choose a model that is specifically designed for western saddles.

You'll find an extensive selection of Saddle Carriers and Covers in our Tack Shop.

saddle carrier
Some carriers are large rectangular gear bags, while others more closely follow the shape of a western saddle. You'll find a wide variety of colors and styling available; some even include a monogram option. Matching halter and saddle pad bags are also often available. No reason you shouldn't look fashionable when you travel with your tack.

The best material for carriers is heavyweight nylon, which is tough and water repellent. Most will include padding or quilting to further protect your saddle from bumps and such. While carriers are designed for travel, they're not substantial enough for shipping.



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