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Saddle Care:
The Secrets of a Long Saddle Life

What determines the lifespan of a saddle? The original quality, amount of use, and the saddle care it receives. Well-built saddles that receive heavy use can last a lifetime with proper care. A used, well-built, and well cared for saddle can command a handsome price. This should make saddle care a priority for those who value their investment. With a little time and elbow grease, you and your saddle should have a long and healthy life together.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the saddle parts that are mentioned in this section, please visit Saddle Parts.

Learn best practices for saddle care:
The photos below document the restoration of an antique saddle from an unknown maker. Bunny Eastveld of LB Ranch in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada did the work. Bunny collects and refurbishes antique saddles. Check out some of Bunny's other vintage saddles in the Saddle Gallery.

vintage saddle
vintage saddle
Before Restoration
After Restoration

If your interested in the care and restoration of antique saddles, you'll find a great article on the Sherer Custom Saddles website.


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