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The Saddle Buddy Seat

Abetta Budy Seat

The saddle buddy seat (also called a rumble seat) is a second seat attachment to a saddle for carrying a child. It turns your rig into a “saddle built for two.” These are handy accessories when you have a child who isn’t quite ready to ride alone.

There are several different types currently available on the market. The most popular, and our favorite, is the Abetta Buddy Seat. It’s made of strong nylon with thick padding in the fork and cantle and adjustable stirrups. It’s rated to hold a child weighing up to 50 pounds. As one four-year-old little guy that we know can attest, it's quite comfortable. More importantly, it really holds the child in securely.

There are also versions available that look more like a traditional saddle seat. Some of these have stirrups, but some don’t, which really impacts whether the seat will be comfortable for a ride of any length. These versions can be rated for kids weighing up to 100 pounds. They’re probably more suitable for a bit older child as they don’t provide as much security as the Abetta Buddy Seat.

The saddle buddy seats attach to the saddle with adjustable nylon straps that buckle to the saddle and rigging rings. These seats work best on a longer backed horse where there's plenty of room for the seat.

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