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Ranch Saddle

A ranch saddle is a true working saddle. You’ll find these saddles also called "cowboy," "buckaroo," "old time," and "all-around," with each term indicating slight differences. What they all have in common, however, is that they’re heavyweight, sturdy saddles designed both for cow work and for long hours of riding. Their goal is both comfort and functionality for a variety of ranch work.

Typical features of a ranch saddle include:

  • A deep seat, set low on the horse for comfort and communication
  • Low swells to stay out of the way of the work. Many are Slick Fork (also known as A-Fork) saddles
  • A tall, thick horn with a horn wrap for dallying
  • Fenders hung directly below the rider for correct riding and working position
  • Double rigging - both a front cinch and a flank cinch
  • Typically, plate rigging for even pull on the horse and maximum strength
  • Higher cantle
  • Multiple saddle strings for tying gear on to the saddle
  • A rope strap for holding a lariat
  • Heavier weight

The ranch saddle, particularly the slick fork-style with a Wade tree, has regained popularity of late with the renewed interest in the buckaroo style of tack and riding. You’ll find a wide variety of these solid saddles for sale among both custom saddle makers and manufacturers. The ranch saddle is just a solid all-around using saddle.

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