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The Off Billet

The off billet anchors the cinch to the rigging rings on the “off” (or right) side. While another latigo can also be used here, it is more common to use an off billet.

off billet
2-Ply Off Billet
This piece is usually made of leather, but can also be made of synthetic material such as nylon webbing. Whatever the material, there will be two layers to create the necessary strength for this key part. This is often called “2-ply,” “double-ply” or “doubled.”

This strap is usually 1 ½ to 2 inches wide and 18 inches to two feet long with holes for buckling the cinch tongue. Your cinch must have a buckle tongue to use with an off billet.

half-breed billet
Half-Breed Billet

The half-breed off billet is a specialized version of the off billet. It's about five feet long and is designed to be both wrapped around the cinch and dee rings and fastened to the cinch buckle tongue as shown in the photo. The half-breed provides extra strength and is most often used by riders, such as working cowboys, who will be doing strenuous work.

There is a tremendous amount of stress and wear placed on this strap. As with all straps on a saddle, it should be checked regularly and replaced when needed.

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