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Mule Saddle

A mule saddle is designed to fit the conformation of a mule, the offspring of a female horse (a mare) and a male donkey (a jack).

Because the mare can be of any horse breed, there is a lot of physical variety among mules. Some mules have similar enough conformation to a horse to do fine with a traditional western saddle. Many mules, however, carry more characteristics of their donkey dad and need a saddle designed specifically for their unique conformation. In addition to those beautiful ears, mules typically have shorter, flatter backs and rounder barrels with an hourglass shape. A horse saddle will often slide forward on a mule and not provide enough weight bearing surface. For these mules, a mule saddle is necessary.

Typical features of a mule saddle include:

  • A saddle tree with mule bars. Mule bars are shorter and have less rock (curvature) to better follow the straighter line of a mule's back and provide an adequate weight bearing surface.
  • Shorter skirts to match the mule's shorter back
  • Double rigged with the flank cinch fastened as tight as the front cinch to firmly secure the saddle
  • 7/8 rigging position is usually the best match for the round barrel of the mule. A further back position can lead to the cinch sliding forward.
  • Addition of a crupper or breeching to prevent the saddle from slipping forward
  • All cinches cinched snugly to hold the saddle in place.

Mules, always popular as pack animals, are increasing in popularity for riding. When deciding on a saddle, each mule needs to be approached individually to determine the best match.

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