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Mounting Block

Mounting blocks can provide an easy way to get into the saddle for both horse and rider. Most veterinarians, equine chiropractors, and equine massage therapists belive that mounting from the ground can cause damage to your horse's back over time.

Ground mounting is especially a problem for novice horsemen who's technique may not yet be up to snuff and for folks who may struggle a bit with fitness or mobility. Proper mounting technique will have you using the spring in your anchor leg to propel you into the saddle rather then the all too common poor technique of hanging on to the horn and pulling yourself into the saddle with your arms. That mounting style is especially hard on a horse's back and will ususally pull your saddle out of position.

mounting blockBecause western riding often involves long trail rides where the rider will dismount one or more times during the ride, mounting blocks aren't as commonly used as they are in english style riding. But, we are masters at finding a substitute. As someone who is not quite 5'3" tall, I've become quite creative in finding that little lift I need - stumps, logs, a fence, a trailer or car bumper, a barrel, a gully or low point to stand my horse.

But for around the arena, a mounting block is a handy accessory to have regardless of your riding discipline. It will be easier on you and your horse will thank you for it.

mounting blockThe most common mounting blocks available today are made out of heavy polyurethane plastic. They're sturdy, have non-skid tread, and have handles for easy carrying. The most common models are two step (around 15" tall) or three step (around 24" tall) models, but you'll also find one step (around 12" tall) and four step (around 32" tall) models available. Some have a storage compartment in the top step. The one step and two step models are easily portable, the three step and four step models require some muscle to move.

If you don't have a need to move the mounting block you can easily build one out of wood. But if you want it portable, then check out the selection of mounting blocks at Amazon and in our Tack Store.



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