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The Latigo

The latigo, or cinch tie strap, is the strap that connects the cinch to the saddle’s rigging. The word actually describes a specific type of leather that has a recognizable burgundy color. Cinch tie straps were traditionally made of latigo leather and over time, the name stuck.

They are usually 1 ½ to 2 inches wide and about 6 feet long. In addition to the traditional leather, they are now also being made of synthetics such as nylon webbing. While nylon is strong and wears well, many feel it is prone to causing sores.

The latigo is connected through the cinch ring on the near (left) side. Most have holes for connecting to the tongue on a cinch buckle or can also simply be tied off to the cinch ring. The loose end is then placed in the latigo holder. A latigo can also be used in place of an off billet on the off (right) side.

Check this piece regularly for wear and replace when needed.

Visit our How To section to learn how to tie a western cinch.

Tory leather Latigos in six foot length and two widths are available from Amazon's Partner Stores.


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