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The Impact of Horsemanship Skill on Saddle Fit

Saddle fit isn't only about your horse and your saddle. It's also about you. The better your horsemanship skills – balance, moving in synch with your horse, body control, communication of cues, feel, softness, - the better you'll find your saddle fit to be. Conversely, the less advanced your horsemanship skill, the more you'll find yourself struggling with saddle fit problems. This is often a difficult concept for the more novice rider to understand . . . and accept.

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Take some time to observe skilled horsemen/women saddle, mount, and ride. Notice how they use their body control and feel, rather than the saddle, to balance themselves. The rider moves with the horse and so the saddle remains centered. The cinch/girth doesn't need to be tightened to within an inch of the horse's life to keep the saddle from shifting to one side. The rider sits with their shoulders, hips, and heels aligned, a balanced riding position. All of this results in a lot less wear and tear on the horse.

While it may be hard to hear that poor saddle fit can be caused by an out-of-balance rider, the solution is within your grasp. You'll be amazed to see how much improving your horsemanship skill will improve your saddle fit.


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